Comments You Will Get As a New Great Dane Owner

Our puppy, Ruthie
Our puppy, Ruthie

My family and I recently became the owners of a Great Dane puppy. This has been a great learning process for us new dog owners. It has been full of surprises, challenges, frustration and joy. One of the surprises to me was the amount of comments I receive from others about the dog. People driving by will stop in the middle of the road to ask about the dog. Neighbors who have never spoken to me1 will stop me as I walk around the neighborhood. People apparently like asking about dogs. Much of their comments, along with the ones I’ve received from friends and family are along the lines of:

  • What breed of dog is that?
    • Great Dane puppies look very different when they are young vs. when they get older. Naturally, they are far smaller. So the average person including some “dog people” don’t generally spot the breed. Your reply to this question will almost certainly be followed by:
  • Really, that is a Great Dane!?
    • Again. They look much different when they are puppies so most are not expecting this. Upon hearing this information they will almost certainly one of these statements:
  • How big are they going to get?
    • A legitimate question as Great Dane’s do get very large and are a less commonly seen breed.
  • Do you realize how big they are going to get?
    • A variation of the comment above, but generally has the connotation “do you understand what you got yourself into?” I try to refrain from sarcastic answers to this like “really, I had no idea Dane’s are a large breed!”
  • How much do they eat?
    • Again. Large breed = more nutrition. This comment is sometimes coupled with a comment of “I’m just glad I don’t have to pay for that food.” Thank you for the encouragement…
  • How active are they?
    • Since Great Dane’s are so large, most are not informed on how active a breed they are. Another good question.

So, if you plan on getting a Great Dane in the future—I encourage you to start rehearsing your answers to these comments. You’re going to hear them.

  1. We have lived here for several years.