My Favorite AeroPress Recipe

I really enjoy a cup of AeroPress‘d coffee. In fact, it might be the best brewing method I’ve ever tasted. The AeroPress became the focal point of my coffee routine a little over a year ago. Through this time I have used a variety of brewing methods, recipes, and blends. In the last several months I believe I have settled one that I really like. This recipe results in what some would probably consider an “Americano” style brew. It is quite bold - but not to strong.

The recipe consists of the following:

  • Begin with 2 scoops of finely ground coffee(aprox. 28 grams)
    • I currently am using a darker Ethiopian blend I purchased from a local roaster. But I will leave this up to the brewers discretion.
  • Then proceed with 2 shots of water measured in the plunger prior to pouring.
    • I currently heat my water to 205ºF. But in practice I don’t know that it matters a lot.
  • Pour the water in and let it steep for 2 minutes while stirring.
  • Plunge.
  • Then dilute with 2 shots of water, or to taste. You may also add creamer if you like.
  • Enjoy your cup of well crafted coffee.

If you are interested in additional recipes, I recommend you checkout the AeroPress timer app. It is a beautiful iOS app that contains a number of different recipes for the AeroPress and some additional tips.