Why I Enjoy the AeroPress

I’ve written in the past about the AeroPress. But, I would like to share more in depth on why I enjoy the AeroPress so much as my primary coffee brewing method.


Naturally, the most important aspect of a coffee brew is how it tastes. The AeroPress is not only adequate in this area—it excels. When I first tried an AeroPress brew, I was not much of a coffee drinker. In fact I didn’t like coffee much at all. It seemed that most coffee I tasted was bitter and just didn’t have a pleasant flavor. After tasting an AeroPress brew, my opinion regarding coffee changed drastically. In fact I think it is difficult to make a truly bad cup of coffee with this device.


In both the coffee produced, and the amount of waste accumulated, I think the AeroPress has little inefficiencies. It is generally used to brew a single serving of coffee. There are some recipes geared towards making multiple cups. But I haven’t tried those. Brewing with a method that is geared towards a single serving means I don’t have to brew more coffee than I need at that time. Reducing the risk of coffee going to waste that I don’t drink. But unlike other single serve methods like {INSERT NAME OF AUTOMATIC SS BREWER HERE}, I don’t generate an access amount of plastic that just gets thrown away. With the AeroPress I only have a small, thin, paper filter along with the coffee grounds that are thrown away. And did I mention it is fast? After the water is heated I can brew a cup of coffee in under 2 mins from the time I grind the beans to completing the AeroPress’ super easy cleanup.


Oh, and the AeroPress is cheap. I believe I paid around $26ish for mind. Right now it is priced at $30 on Amazon. Compared to even ‘mid-range’ espresso machines that is affordable. But the low price of the AeroPress doesn’t come at a sacrifice of quality. I’ve used the same one for 3 years and don’t anticipate replacing it anytime soon.