Where Did My Hobby Go?

“If you can make a living doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I’ve heard something to that affect said many times.

This is idealistic as any job has tough days or at a minimum boring days. I’ve been able to earn a living making websites. It started as a hobby, became a dream of “what if I could do this as my job”, and now for all of my adult life it is what I’ve done daily for income. I am thankful I didn’t flounder around my early 20’s trying to find something I could tolerate for work. I had already found it. Years later—I still enjoy it. But this creates a wonderful problem: I turned my hobby—the thing I did to relax—into a job. So now, what do I do when I want to relax? This is something I’ve wrestled in some form for a few years as my career has grown longer. Music has always been a passion. But it is a difficult activity to do with a family. The noise level prevents other activities in the house from occurring. I have attempted to take up photography as a hobby. I enjoy it. But I don’t seem to make time for it. Cycling has been a new interest of mine as I am working towards a more healthy lifestyle. That one seems to be sticking as a place of relaxation and enjoyment. I hope the trend continues there. Yet, here I sit while my wife is out for the evening writing a Node.js app when I was programming all day. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about the fact I get to do something I enjoy everyday. Sometimes it just feels like I don’t take enough mental break from “work-like” problems (programming). And I think it would be healthier for me if I did.

Have you turned a hobby/passion into a career? If so, what are the ways you take time to relax now?

[link] The Millionaire Next Door

A great episode of The Dave Ramsey Show with some testimonies of those who have lived on less than they made, used the power of compound interest, and became millionaire’s. I recommend giving it a listen if you are looking for some encouragement in your personal finance decisions.

ShellDevel BoF at Drupalcamp AVL

Last weekend several of the ShellDevel crew headed up a BoFat Drupalcamp Asheville. Here are some fairly un-edited notes of things we discussed.

Why Development in the shell?

  • All you need to get work done in one place, on any platform.

Key Components

  • A terminal theme you like
    • This means you have the same syntax highlighting available across all your dev tasks. Not just text editing.
    • If there is syntax highlighting you like, it is most likely available as a terminal theme.
  • ZShell and oh-my-zsh
    • Or fish
  • Homebrew on OS X
  • Vim
    • Airline
    • GitGutter
    • CtrlP
    • Goyo
    • Whatever syntax highlighting you need.
  • Tmux
    • Tmuxinator
    • Tmux-resurrect


Store and easily reuse your shell configuration


Shell devel Workshop

  • hb5.co/work in October/November. Date to be set soon.
    • https://github.com/hb5co/shelldevel

Matias Ergo Pro Review on Geekhack

I was considering writing a review for the Matias Ergo Pro, but a Geekhack member did I much more thorough job than I would have. I may still write up my thoughts on this keyboard in the future. But for now—I think this post does a great job of selling its key features.

The Matias Ergo Pro became my main keyboard a little over a month ago. I now can’t imagine working without it. Check out this post for more details.

Hub+ for USB-C

This probably not the first USB-C hub released of this type. But it is the first one of seen. A single cable to plug into my laptop with all that I need when I sit down at my desk? That is almost sweet enough for me to overcome all the things I strongly dislike about the new MacBook.